Finnish Red Cross appreciates the quality of courses and listening to customers needs

The Finnish Red Cross has been cooperating with wistec for a long time. The basis for a working partnership has been the satisfaction of both the quality of training and cooperation.

SPR moved from individual courses to a model of continuous training

“Originally, our staff trained at Wistec’s open courses. We got really positive feedback on trainers’ professionalism and genuine interest in learning of the participants, so we decided to tie a TaaS contract. It provides our staff with ongoing training services, including open courses in Wistec Online, application support, and training specifically designed to meet our needs.

Competence mapping helps in defining goals

SPR wanted to identify the most important development areas of IT competence and made its personnel  a competence mapping in January-February 2018.

The mapping was carried out in co-operation so that first the SPR defined the most critical areas of expertise and then after a joint discussion, Wistec’s expert Esa Riutta designed a tailor-made question pool, which was reviewed and distributed by SPR to its staff.

“The results we have obtained confirmed the areas where improvement is needed. Of course, the differences between work tasks must be considered but for example Excel is useful for almost everyone. The results also make it easier to justify decisions related to education”, Tuula Mähönen concludes.

It was planned to carry out an annual survey to provide comparable information on the development of knowledge. Tuula Mähönen believes that it is also important to ask why someone has not yet attended the training or tried the online study. In a way where lack of time is not an excuse.

“It is important to encourage and motivate people to organize themselves for new learning, as it is often enough to solve a single problem. Efficient use of programs in their work saves a lot of work time and allows them to concentrate on routine tasks with more meaningful work tasks”, says Tuula Mähönen.

The reporting service helps with monitoring of training progression

SPR has access to Office 365 cloud services, which makes it possible to use the TaaS reporting service. Tuula Mähönen sees the reporting service as a great opportunity in monitoring and developing training.

“Up-to-date information and clear reports are important in decision-making on training. We follow certain key figures with our Wistec contact person, Leena Eklund, but in the future we can also compile the information ourselves. This way, the monitoring and development of our training will become more data-based,” says Tuula Mähönen.

Leena Eklund from Wistec says that the monitoring of educational services is also meaningful from the service provider’s point of view: “I’m in contact regularly with Tuula and Juha Hirvonen via regular meetings that also has one of our trainers involved.. One of the main topics of our meetings is to review the report, as it provides accurate information on the number of users of training, course attendance, and, for example, how well the final tests have been conducted for each individual. “

“It is great that the SPR invests in the development of the skills of its personnel and provides the right tools for it. I know how challenging it is to stay up-to-date with development, but it’s also everyone’s responsibility to make sure that at least the mini-goal is achieved”

Suomen Punainen Risti kouluttaa henkilöstöään Wistecin palveluilla

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It is important to inspire and motivate

Training opportunities offered by the employer are generally considered important, but participation in training may prove surprisingly difficult.

“For us, the best way to activate the usage of training has been the enthusiastic comments of the participants and the immediate application of the new lessons in practice. The biggest obstacles are often finding the right time and finding the most suitable study method” says Tuula Mähönen and continues:

“We are constantly thinking of different ways to inspire our staff to try e-learning, for example. I believe that by experimenting everyone will find the best ways for themselves when the hardest first step, is taken.”

The benefits of the TaaS are reflected in practice

When Tuula Mähös, Information Management Manager at SPR, asks about the most important benefits offered by the TaaS training agreement, the answer is fast:

“I would like to underline that the quality of education at Wistec is high. In addition, cooperation and customer consultation will take place at a very practical level, as the staff at Wistec is genuinely interested in the effectiveness of education. “

“The services are constantly being developed and not stifled once, but the services are flexible according to the needs of client. We are getting true value for our investment” concludes Tuula Mähönen

Tips for using Wistec Online

  • Sign in to Wistec Online with your own O365 account and try searching for something. Convenient, right?

  • Don’t try to eat the whole cake at once, often a small piece is enough! Choose one new thing you want to learn and try it out practically.

  • Book a specific time in the calendar for studying according to your energy levels.

  • Remember often 15 minutes is enough!

Finnish Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross is one of Finland’s largest NGOs. The mission of the Red Cross is to help those most in need at home and abroad. The Finnish Red Cross is one of the 190 member associations of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

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