At Colliers everyone benefits from Taas contract

Colliers International Finland continues to work with Wistec for the second year in a row.

Cooperation was supposed to last only for one year, but excellent feedback from the training, the participation in the courses and the inquiries from the staff about the future of the training led to the continuation of the TaaS training contract.

Training is available to everyone

Colliers has opened Wistec’s courses and distance trainings to offer free-of-charge services to all of its employees.

Employees choose the courses they need and the most appropriate time for their work. After that, they can go on studying with the permission of their supervisor as far as they are motivated to study.

Training has proven to be really popular. In Colliers by far the most popular topic is Excel, but other courses for example project and social media courses have also been active.

 “The opportunity to participate in such a wide range of training courses has been seen as a significant personnel benefit among our staff. In corridor conversations and lunch breaks it has been really nice to hear how our employees have been excited about Wistec training.” says Tanja Miettinen, Human Resources Specialist at Colliers International Finland.

The reporting service helps to monitor and develop training

The reporting service gives you a tool to track and develop your training package. For example, the service contact person may review the organization’s TaaS contract according to users, topic, and time. Human Resources Specialist Tanja Miettinen uses Wistec reporting service to motivate staff and report to management in addition to monitoring.

 “I use Wistec reporting service mainly to track the number of participated employees in training. On the other hand, we are also interested in which course topics have been the most popular and occasionally I will include them in internal intranet article, in which talks about the Top 10 most popular courses at Wistec training. This is an easy way to remind and inspire staff about training opportunities,” he says, and adds:

“The Wistec reporting service also helps in reporting to the company’s top management. It makes it possible to show with concrete proof, that the economic investment in education has been worth it ‘.

 Human Resources Specialist at  Colliers International Finland, Tanja Miettinen

As someone who also participated in education. I noticed how with little tricks I can finish a task that would have otherwise taken me a moment or two to figure out!

New lessons will benefit the entire organization

According to Tanja Miettinen, a human resources expert, excellent feedback was received about the small group sizes, training facilities and the up-to-date quality of training. The trainings are tied to everyday work so that the lessons can be taken straight from the classroom to their own work.

“Opportunities for insight and learning new things are the best ways to motivate staff. At the same time, knowledge and competence grows and everyone get to develop their own work. We’ve been really happy with the collaboration with Wistec,” he summed up.

Colliers International Finland

Colliers International Finland operates in 26 locations in Finland and employs more than 500 real estate professionals. We are responsible for managing 18 shopping centres, 1500 business premises and managing more than 50 000 homes.

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