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Learning path has changed – are you following it?

Wistec blog post: Learning path has changed

More customer-oriented planning and more time for training. Inspired by the research results, Juha Huhtanen has wondered about the changes that have affected how and when employees learn new skills at their workplace. The gap between competences and job requirements can rapidly grow Previously, in most of the fields, system and software upgrade cycles were […]

Smau Milano 2018, 23-25 ottobre: pronti, partenza, via!

Esa Riutta pohtii kuvien ja videoiden toimivuutta Facebookissa

Una delegazione di Wistec Training ha fatto visita alla fiera nazionale Smau sull’innovazione tecnologica, che si è tenuta nel capoluogo lombardo dal 23 al 25 ottobre 2018. La fiera si è presentata fin da subito accogliente e promettente. Certo, la barriera più ampia da scavalcare è stata sicuramente quella linguistica. Ma, con un po’ di […]

The future of work is in digital skills

Wistec blog post: The future of work is in digital skills

In this blog I would like to explain a bit what role digital skills play and how they can be acquired and maintained. Digitalization applies to all of us The future work cannot be described with certainty, except for one thing: it will require digital skills. Every one of us sooner than later must be […]